Berkshires Regional Histories

Read about the history of Sheffield, Great Barrington, Route 7 to Pittsfield, and much, much more.

We also stock a complete line of local and regional historical books on Berkshire towns including: Stockbridge, West Stockbridge and Lenox; Sheffield, Great Barrington, Monterey and Otis, MA;The Hudson Valley, the Catskills and the Adirondacks

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Kirby's book offers a glimpse into the bricks and mortar of history, the stories of individual people whose everyday decisions had lasting effects on the Sharon of today. By including characters from Sharon's past, Seldom Told Tales avoids becoming a dry history of dates and places. Written as a series of colorful stories based on carefully researched fact, author Ed Kirby brings the events and people of Sharon's past alive, placing them in the context of their time and within the greater story of both Connecticut and the United States.
Continuing where Seldom Told Tales of Sharon, Volume 1 leaves off, Volume 2 invites the reader to delve deeper into the interconnected web that links people from various walks of life, generations and geographic locations, to the town of Sharon.
The Berkshire Photo Album
by Bernard A. Drew
A collection of some 440 images from The Berkshire Eagle's extensive archive, this book provides a look at life, love, and labor during the last century and a half in the two cities and thirty towns of Massachusetts' western-most county. Many of the views are published here for the first time and feature people, places and events both well-remembered and long-forgotten.
A Century of Headlines compacts ten decades' worth of history into 100 topics, ranging from social (fads) and political (the Red Scare) to the climatic (the Hurricane of 1938) and the artistic (Elvis Presley), with the athletic (Babe Didrikson), the energetic (Yankee Rowe Atomic Plant) and the silly (the Y2K scare) thrown in for good measure. An influenza epidemic, the opening of a superhighway, a lunar landing and the advent of the Internet are among other highlights of a dynamic century. With a strong Berkshire County slant, this book is illustrated with newspaper front pages and photographs from The Berkshire Eagle's archives.
Building the Mass Pike
by Yanni K. Tsipis
Building the Mass Pike tells the story of the road's planning, construction, and impact on the communities through which it passed. The book includes previously unpublished images from the Turnpike Authority archives and provides a vivid document of the largest public works project in the state's history and the firestorm of controversy that surrounded it. Written by an engineer-historian, Building the Mass Pike will appeal not only to those fascinated by the history of the Commonwealth and its capital but also to those with an intestes in construction, urban history, and the politics of Old Boston.
This exhibition catalogue was published in conjunction with the exhibition "A Return to Arcadia: Nineteenth Century Berkshire County Landscapes," curated by Maureen Johnson Hickey. The aim of the catalogue was to establish that Berkshire County was a mecca for landscape artists in the second half of the nineteenth century. The paintings and drawings in the exhibitions and catalogue represent not only familiar, influential figures, but also a number of less well known artists who were drawn to the singular scenery and culture of Berkshire County.
Houses of the Berkshires, 1870-1930: The Architecture of Leisure
by Richard S. Jackson Jr. and Cornelia Brooke Gilder 
Houses of the Berkshires is a triumph by three different accounts. It succeeds as an informative social history of New England’s upper class, an introduction to the architectural styles employed in Western Mass in the years surrounding the turn of the twentieth century, and an elegant photographic spread of some of the most beautiful homes in our area. Published by the prestigious Acanthus press, Houses of the Berkshires explores both social and artistic themes through the lens of the Berkshire’s Elite.
Remembering Main Street: An American Album
by Pat Ross

Throughout this book, fascinating historical photographs, drawings, and postcards narrate the story right along with the text. Author Pat Ross grew up in Main Street America, and here she returns to explore how Main Street itself grew up–commercially, culturally, and architecturally. By investigating the histories of the corner drugstore or courthouse, for example, or by profiling local merchants, artists, and town legends–both heroes and scoundrels–the author evokes the special spirit of these towns, showing how each represents some phase of American history and how each has weathered adversity and given new life to its economy…
Freedom Activist W. E. B. Du Bois adored his hometown of Great Barrington, MA. This thoroughly annotated local history examines the bustling 1880s Main Street environs of Du Bois’s teenage years, with emphasis on the prominent men who were, in the absence of a father, role models to him. It reprints his news items, some for the first time. And reveals the real reason he enrolled at Fisk University.
Through vintage postcards, take a “highlight” tour of North Adams, a journey through its first golden era from its incorporation as a city in 1985 to the 1940s. Whether native or newcomer, these postcards serve up a taste of North Adams that is both nostalgic and golden.
A Century of Headlines compacts ten decades' worth of history into 100 topics, ranging from social (fads) to the political (the Red Scare).

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